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CodesCastle software pvt ltdIT Solution is a prominent Dynamics CRM Development Company offering countless enterprise software solutions to business enterprises and organizations that work in various arenas globally. Our solutions are designed in a brilliant way with exclusive features to manage customers, vendors, suppliers and partners in an efficient manner. Since years our Dynamics CRM developers have been offering end-to-end Dynamics CRM services including CRM integration, CRM migration, CRM support and CRM customization.

These adept developers have years of experience and great knowledge of Dynamics CRM meeting your requirements well, mastering data management, configuration and customizations of workflows, plugins, user setups, end-user training and support. We offer industry-specific frameworks and tools helping organizations effectively assimilate Microsoft Dynamics CRM into the present applications and IT infrastructure. This way we are satisfying our global clientele with affordable service offerings and best solutions.

Bespoke Dynamics CRM Solutions

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Dynamics CRM Consulting

Dynamics CRM Consulting

Get the right help at every stage with the exceptional services offered by the brilliant CRM Dynamics developers at CodesCastle software pvt ltdIT Solution. Our developers ensure that they are there to help the business organizations and enterprises with every little thing. With Dynamics CRM Consulting Services we offer a highly flexible and easy adaptable customer relationship management solution which can be customized in an easier manner as per the business requirements.

Dynamics CRM Customization

Dynamics CRM Customization

Get out-of-the-box solution with Dynamics CRM customization services used extensively by business enterprises and organizations all around the world. This all-inclusive customer relationship management focuses mainly on offering benefits to the sales, marketing and customer service teams of a business enterprise. With our solutions we help businesses in driving sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through business intelligence, customer management, campaign management and other effective tools. Get Dynamics CRM customized so it fits your businesses’ specific requirements.

How it helps?
  • It helps businesses in increasing their efficiency
  • Boosts productivity
  • Automates complex business processes
  • Enhances sales
  • Increases revenue
  • Helps in Cloud technology development
  • Mobility device integration
  • Add-on development
CRM Integration Solutions

CRM Integration Solutions

With the integration of Dynamics CRM with numerous business applications it offers several advantages to your business enterprise while also providing your business with a better 360-degree view of sales prospects, run effective marketing campaigns as well as deliver best-in-class customer interactions. Our business applications help businesses so they can strengthen their business’ productivity as well as boost sales

What you get with Integration?
  • Allows business to seamlessly sync all leads, accounts & contacts
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced contract renewal rates
  • Increased revenue via better targeting /
  • Higher employee productivity rates
Dynamics CRM Migration

Dynamics CRM Migration

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration you get the brilliant customer relationship management solutions offered out there. It’s added to numerous features and capabilities, empowering business organizations thus adding new customers as well as retains the present ones. This allows you to drive sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through better business intellig

Why to Migrate?
  • Streamlines Data Migration Process
  • Reduced Deployment Time-Frame
  • Accelerated Data Migration Speed
  • Custom Dashboard Development
  • Better ROI
  • Increased CRM value
Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

With our Sales Force Automation services you get an all-inclusive solution allowing salespersons to be a lot more productive so they can focus on crucial aspects – offering great customer experiences. This cost-effective solution allows you to enhance sales reporting and data collection as well as enables you in meeting deadlines and gain valuable insights for your business. This way, optimize your sales efforts with familiar and brilliant features.

What are the benefits of Sales Force Automation?
  • Single Database
  • Systematic Methods
  • Accurate
  • Tracking is simpler with it
  • Provides Access
  • Automates Processes
Dynamic CRM Extensions

Dynamic CRM Extensions

With Dynamic CRM you get a set of tools comprised of in the SDK simplifying and accelerating the development of applications interacting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. These tools help in extending functionality of the core Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK.

  • Easy connection to CRM servers
  • Code generation of strong types offered by customization to the code generation tool
  • App-config and Web.config configurability to enable custom extensions
  • Expand and include other tooling
CRM Support Services

CRM Support Services

With Dynamics CRM Support services you get a wonderful level of support for your customers in the cloud. You get flexible, industry-leading support, services and resources allowing users to address technical issues in a quick manner, deepening their professional expertise as well as ensure increased return on investment (ROI). With us you can choose a plan that meets your business requirements and allows you to head back to work faster as the issues crop up.

  • Ongoing Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Support and Enhancements
  • FTE Based, Fixed Cost, Hourly Resource Augmentation Models
  • Product Administration Support
  • Unlimited technical Support
  • 24/7 Help
  • Service dashboard
End User Trainings

End User Trainings

At CodesCastle we offer consistent technologically advanced Microsoft solutions. Here we have developers with extensive knowledge and great expertise in offering end-user trainings to the clients. With us you can organize and plan effective training sessions for the Dynamics CRM solutions offered by us. We help you design, develop and deliver customized Microsoft Dynamics end-user training programming integrating the business processes.

Which are the training Methods used by us?
  • Reference guides
  • e-Learning
  • Presentations
  • Create a training database
  • Develop use cases and specific training tasks
  • Classroom delivery

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All Inclusive Dynamics CRM Solution

Offering quality solutions across various domains serving numerous businesses worldwide with unique applications meeting their wide-ranging industry needs

Strategic CRM

Strategic CRM is a kind of CRM in which the customers come first in place in the business. It does wonders in collecting, segregating and applying information about customers and market trends in order to help it come up with better value proposition for the customer.

Operational CRM

Operational CRM is mainly about customer-centric business processes like marketing, selling and services. This comprise of automations such as, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation and Service Automation.

Analytical CRM

Based on capturing, interpreting, segregating, storing, modifying, processing and reporting customer-related data, Analytical CRM comprise of internal business-wide data such as Sales Data, Finance Data and Marketing Data.

Collaborative CRM

Smooth communication and transactions among businesses is possible via collaborative CRM. Collaborative CRM employs new communication systems such as chat rooms, web forums, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Why Windows Dynamics CRM

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Dynamics CRM Development Services

Deliver Superb Customer Experience

With our Microsoft Dynamics CRM service you get tools necessary to deliver the best-in-class customer service with brilliant set of features this increasing department efficiency and enhancing service levels. The customer service module we offer via our Dynamics CRM Customer Service allows you to access customer information manage cases, service history as well as support knowledge straightly to the representatives and supervisors offering tools helpful in delivering consistent services.

Through our service in the arena you get to make the most of multiple interaction channels, comprising of phone calls, email messages, in-person communications and self-service websit so that you can create, manage and resolve service issues in a quick manner. It allows streamlined access to cases, customer history, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and robust Knowledge Base supporting customers in an effective and productive manner. Meanwhile by creating a productive work environment for customer service representatives it’s also easier to manage work in an efficient manner.

Dynamic CRM Solutions

Sell with Confidence

At CodesCastle with our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Management module we support sales functions of the organization enabling sales-related administrative tasks to automate by offering a streamlined system encompassing sales process, cutting length of sales cycles and enhance customer retention. Our services are designed in a manner that they integrate with the company’s existing technologies in a seamless manner and use the brilliant features of Dynamics CRM in order to easily execute customer relationship management activities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM consists of five modules, workplace, sales, marketing, service and settings. These modules are designed in a manner that they allow users in attain tangible, constant progress in everyday business processes. Each module comprises of its own function and it’s integral to the effectiveness of Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM Sales Management helps in generating sales reports for performance measurement and facilitates informed decision making. It also automates workflows and processes for enhanced productivity and better resource management.

Dynamic CRM Solution Provider
Dynamics CRM Development Services


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Services offer users with vital tools so that they can target the right contacts with right information. The Dynamics CRM software helps in segmenting databases in various ways thus ensuring that all kind of communications are significant to the recipient. It also has advanced features helpful in creating, targeting, planning and executing campaigns with the use of various media forms, likewise emails, mobile marketing, among others.

Meanwhile the Marketing module of Dynamics CRM is linked to the CRM sales management module enabling the company sales representative to react quickly to leads generated from campaigns. This module serves as a guide to help you with every stage of campaign starting from planning to scheduling follow up calls, track costs, measure campaign success and set goals. Its analytics work wonders in recording and collecting vital data and organize them into detailed figures thus allowing you to make best decisions. This way you can target communications in an effective manner, plan and budget accordingly as well as create reports for quick analysis thus enabling quick action.

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We have a team of our 250+ skilled developers with decade of experience in handling programming and development services.

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