iPhone / iPad App development

iPhone / iPad App development

For Business: iPhone is not only an entertaining tool but it also assists in handling daily business functions. Some of the popular iPhone/ iPad application that can help in growth of business are:

  • Convenience of various Business surveys, reports and trends
  • Email textual content on mobiles
  • Detailed Customer Database
  • Calendar Services
  • Money Management Tools
  • Windows Office Services
  • Search Engine Optimization on your iPhone / iPad

For Entertainment: With high regards to the world of entertainment, CodesCastle virtually engages in the development of entertainment apps. We focus on features of user’s interest and eliminate all boring things. There are various iPhone / iPad apps available on the iPhone / iPad such as:

  • Radio Stations
  • Music Apps
  • Movie Feedbacks
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Information about local events
  • Fun and Interactive Applications

For Games: Our teams expertise in developing iPhone / iPad varieties of games are extremely persuading and amazing . CodesCastle design intriguing games based on the request of our clients to satisfy their gaming pleasure. Some of CodesCastle iPhone development game apps include:

  • Brick games
  • Quizzes
  • War games
  • Puzzles
  • Board games
  • Strategy games

For Social Networking: Although it becomes difficult to be in touch with people, but the virtual world makes it easy. CodesCastle iPhone / iPad develops excellent applications for social networking. CodesCastle Social Networking Apps include:

  • Socializing with friends
  • Weather tips
  • Wi-Fi networking
  • Social networking games
  • Events Subscribing
  • Horoscope
  • Maps

For Sports: Are you all crazy about sports and you can't obviously wait to get your hands engaged in one of them? CodesCastle is a winner. CodesCastle iPhone / iPad specializes in many sports applications that will make a wonderful experience for sports fans. CodesCastle is an expert in developing what the client demands and our expertise include:

  • Live score updates
  • Sports news

For Travel: Scientifically, movement is what cannot be restricted as people tend to move from place to place and there is an utmost need to keep in touch with our loved ones behind. Technically we are attached to our mobile phones, so CodesCastle realized the needs of individuals who are traveling globally to design a companion friendly travel application. CodesCastle expertise in the development of Travel Apps is highly recommendable and some of our specialties are:

  • Maps
  • Tourist information
  • Currency converters
  • Translation
  • Site information
  • Travel blogs

For Weather: It is a thing of pleasure to be able to determine the changes in weather in our various vicinity before embarking on any trip whatsoever. It is also the professional assignment of CodesCastle as they develop special apps for weather forecast. CodesCastle provides these technologies at your finger tips and now you can easily access this forecast by just one simple touch with our iPhone / iPad app development services. CodesCastle Weather Development apps assist in the following areas:

  • Weather reports
  • Warnings