How It's Done

An engagement model built on lean and agile methods


It’s not what it used to be. We’ve taken an entirely new approach to reinvent outsourcing as you know it. By using fundamental business principles, and tapping into a highly educated, technically savvy workforce, we’ve turned the old model of outsourcing upside down.

In Fixed Price Projects the scope of the project is frozen and a time and price quote is given to the client and once both the parties agree the project is executed on a fixed price basis. We generally recommend Fixed Price Projects for small projects where the requirements and scope is very clearly defined and client is absolutely sure that there will be no changes during the development phase as the project is architected keeping this in mind.

We follow waterfall methodology for executing fixed price projects as it is perfect methodology for small projects with fixed scope and requirement.

This is one of the most popular business models for outsourcing. If you choose this model, you can hire dedicated resources from Codescastle development centre and get access to teams of experts in varied software technologies. Each team or resource would be headed by a project manager and a leader who will work with you to ensure a smooth and seamless process. Every software team would have a hierarchy of tasks and responsibilities. Whether you require software application development from scratch or you require minor changes in your software project, the Dedicated Team model can give you access to software experts who will work on perfecting your project.

You can monitor the team through Timesheets, Progress Reports & Productivity monitoring tools. From a client’s perspective, you are always assured of getting what you need and paying for only what is needed. This model gives you maximum flexibility and also allows you to make substantial revisions to your project even as it is being developed. The objective of this model is to find the right solution to a specific business challenge. This business model aligns with agile development methodology which is the most preferred and successful methodology in software development.

  • Direct Communication and complete control over team
  • Flexibility to change requirements anytime during the project
  • As the team works with you for a long period they virtually become an extension of your in-house employees and understand your business and requirement clearly.
  • Based on Agile methodology so success of the project is assured
  • Short and Long term cost ings
  • Project and tasks priority based on client requirement

We give you the flexibility of ramping up or ramping down your team as per your ongoing requirement starting from hiring a dedicated resource on part-time basis (20 hours per week) to ramping up to any no. of fulltime dedicated employees.

Client can hire our resource for a fixed no. of hours every month starting from 20 hours per month. Hourly model is perfect for clients whose projects are completed and live and they just need a long-term resource to maintain their websites or web applications. Our resource will act as their webmaster. Even in this model we try and make sure that the same resource works for the client in the duration of the contract.

Why Us

When you have so many options out there?

Here’s the key to our success. Better communication leads to a better understanding of your project’s goals that will lead to a far better end result and at much faster rate.. There is no middle man so, you’ll directly communicate with your developer via video conferencing, instant messaging, email, or just pick up the phone to your appointed team. You’ll have your developer’s personal cell phone number that means no chances of communication gap.

We completely understand it that It's not just about writing code, it's about building a better path to profitability. Over years of working with many companies, we've seen what works, and what doesn't. Clear communication allows us to see your vision, tailor a solution to meet your business needs and guide you on the path to get there faster, in a cost-effective manner.

This is a Key that turns a good developer, into a great one. Our employee will leverage the collective knowledge of the entire organization to proactively avoid problems, and meet challenges, in the most proven and effective way. It allows our 300 developers with a broad spectrum of expertise in multiple categories to collaborate on your project and take it beyond what you had imagined.

We've developed a unique and powerful collaboration process to facilitate and inspire creativity, to build on ideas and to take your project beyond what you envisioned. With real time communication, you'll not only see the progress, but also have the ability to collaborate with appointed developer and team to drive innovation.

Great developers are not always great project manager that’s why all our employees are highly trained and experienced in Agile Project Management. That’s the reason how we complete projects faster, and more efficiently. It allows you to move from the development phase to the revenue phase more quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost.

Through careful selection and screening, we’ve built a team of highly educated and experienced software developers with a strong track record of success. But what turns a good developer into a great developer is our proven development process using the team approach, Collaboration Platform, Innovation Driver and clear communication. A team effort trumps an individual effort every time.