Software As A Services (SaaS) Application Development

Software-as-a-Service solutions from CodesCastle software pvt ltd allow you to scale capability faster with less cost by reducing the need of your own IT infrastructure.

At CodesCastle, we adopted SaaS application development technologies quite earlier to offer our business clients with the eminent technology competence. CodesCastle software pvt ltd has developed a 5-phase SaaS Software development model to launch SaaS application order to minimize the risks coupled with SaaS product development. Our team of Expert is well equipped with all the arsenal required for SaaS product development, but specializes in agile methodologies.

SaaS product has its identity as a system of service that works independently and dedicatedly for all clients besides being engaged in a consolidated framework, which is organized and well-planned to offer standardized and characteristic-driven solution to each user. We deployed the system framework and functional resources that supported the SaaS Development most definitively. Through our extreme processing capabilities and advanced facilities, we helped the users get best of the time-sharing and utility-computing thorough SaaS solutions. As a SaaS Product Development company, We have utilized the unparallel idea of Software as a Service resourcefully. We just don't offer you with the modules that are already formed by us but provide you with the right SaaS consultation on what you should use and how it will be beneficial to you

Bespoke SAAS Development

Robust & Scalable SaaS Solutions
SaaS CMS Development

SaaS CMS Development

Develop content rich web applications based on your favorite CMS platform with CodesCastle Private Limited professional and seamless SaaS CMS development solutions. We provide services with high end perfection, ensuring high return on investment for clients.

  • SaaS Based CMS Development
  • SaaS CMS for Healthcare
  • SaaS CMS for Finance & Banking
  • SaaS CMS for Manufacturing
  • SaaS CMS for Government
  • SaaS CMS for Enterprises
  • SaaS CMS for Publishing
SaaS Based CRM Solutions

SaaS Based CRM Solutions

For better customer relationship management, you need SaaS services. Better customer relationship takes a business to a new leap of success. Hence, you need to understand the importance of SaaS solutions, and for that we are an institution. Get meticulous SaaS development services at Octalsoftware.

  • Custom CRM Software Development
  • Salesforce CRM Solutions
  • Sugar CRM Solutions
  • Oracle CRM Solutions
  • MS Dynamics Solutions
  • Commence CRM Solutions
  • Appshore CRM Solutions
SaaS Based eCommerce Solutions

SaaS Based CHM Solutions

For an ecommerce business or other businesses, it is important to manage resources properly. Most important thing is supply chain management which needs to be modernized for optimal business benefits. Our SaaS solutions can help you on this regard with precision.

  • SaaS SCM Consulting Services
  • SaaS SCM Development
  • SaaS Inventory Management Solutions
  • SaaS Warehouse Management Solutions
  • SaaS for Transportation Management
  • SaaS for Fleet Tracking & Monitoring
SaaS Based  eCommerce Solutions

SaaS Based eCommerce Solutions

Make your ecommerce business more profitable and higher revenue gathering with the seamless implementation of SaaS services that are provided by GirnarSoft. We cater end to end solutions, ensuring high end profitability.

  • Custom SaaS App Development
  • Shopify SaaS eCommerce Solutions
  • 3dcart SaaS eCommerce Solutions
  • Bigcartel SaaS eCommerce Solutions
  • Bigcommerce SaaS Solutions
  • Volusion SaaS eCommerce Solutions
SaaS Based Booking & Ticketing

SaaS Based MIS Solution

SaaS MIS has everything to do with your organizational information needs. You can have SaaS Management Information System subscribed from our flexible offerings.

SaaS Based Account Solutions

SaaS Based HRM Solutions

Human Resource Management is an imperative part of any organization's functional folio. SaaS adds the much needed competency and capacity for smooth HRM applications within an organization.

Benefits of SaaS Product

Our Saas Solutions simplifies deployment Process, reduces customer acquisition cost & enable you to support many customers through a single platform

Cost Effective

SaaS required no software install, maintenance, support or infrastructure. Automation trims down manual resources.

Rapid Deployment

SaaS solutions don't require any software to be installed and so you are able to access your new software straight away.

Enhanced Teamwork

SaaS allow team members to stay informed and connected throughout the project's lifecycle.

Simple to Use

User friendly interface is intuitive. Business owners can navigate with ease without any instruction.

Mobility & Scalability

Our cloud infrastructures power an IaaS platform that offers infinite scalability and quick processing.

Geo-Specific Hosting

Geo-specific hosting make sure that data is held in the country, and compliant with country Acts

Developing Right SaaS Solution with Precise & Test-Driven Approach

Why Choose CodesCastle?

Our Bespoke SaaS Applications offers you a common infrastructure which is compatible to multiple devices and functional as a web application.

Cloud Integrated SaaS _________

We have a dedicated department to take care of SaaS through different technologies like Java, PHP, and C #/.NET. Our range of working with SaaS Solutions is vast - having being hosted on the major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure and Rackspace Cloud. In the last couple of years, we have designed and developed variety of applications that complements this entire concept and flavor of SaaS and caters to the 'new ways' of using software as a service.

Custom SaaS Solutions

We provide you a customized solution in SaaS. We don't let any of our clients use (better to say, use forcefully) a part of module or a slot of features that is of least use to the client. We rather put it off from the service and offer a pure demand-based facilities or service components to the user that offers a lot of meaningful value to the business.

Vast Industrial Application

Our expert SaaS developers have designed immaculate solutions for different industries and businesses and job-types. We have by now served airline reservations, warehouse operators, shipping agencies, hotel bookings, customer service, accounting and technical support teams of both big and small business enterprises. They have attained a level of excellence by delivering most effective solutions to different clients and serving diverse end-user needs from time to time.

Cost-efficient SaaS Development

We have nurtured your low-cost operating idea phenomenally through our amazing SaaS development services. We have built inclusive services that attributed varied functional characteristics and operational properties that have worked astoundingly for cutting operating, installation, deployment, maintenance and support costs for the users, incredibly reducing the total cost of ownership for the user in a value-oriented and cost-effective manner.